Volkswagen Bends The Truth Again – This Time With Their New Cargo eBike

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles showed the brand’s electric-motorized cargo bike for the first time in North America at the L.A. Auto Show. Volkswagen, still reeling from their emissions scandal, is claiming the Cargo e-Bike concept is designed to make emissions-free deliveries in tight locals “like pedestrian-only city centers.” But wait. Why would Volkswagen’s motorized vehicle be allowed in pedestrian-only areas? Some municipalities might grant such a vehicle an exemption but it is presumptuous of Volkswagen to claim that has already been done. This company seems committed to making promises they can’t keep.

Volkswagen says they will be selling the Cargo e-Bike in 2019. Like I’ve said before, be sure to check the motor vehicle laws where you plan to be making your deliveries on this Cargo e-Bike before you buy one. You may find this vehicle is not permitted where VW claims it is.

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