Vintage Norton Saved From A Mercedes-Benz Bonfire

Vintage Norton Saved From A Mercedes-Benz Bonfire

Jeff Koskie and I worked at Suzuki in the old Santa Fe Springs pagoda building way back in…well, a long time ago. Jeff has remained passionate about motorcycles all these years and is a member in good standing of the Central Coast Classic Motorcycle Club. Our paths cross at different motorcycle events and it is always a pleasure.

I saw Jeff at the Schoenewald Motorcycle Collection open house and he told me about the hot time he had recently. Jeff explained that he smelled something funny while driving up the Coast Highway and it wasn’t the pot fields in Carpinteria. He had time to get a vintage Norton off the trailer before his Mercedes was engulfed.

The car can be replaced. The vintage Norton, not so easy. Glad he saved it and nobody was injured.

Fire sale: I guess you can call this a Running When Parked. If you want to buy it, you’ll have to contact the insurance company. Jeff was able to save his personal belongings inside the car and the motorcycle on the trailer before the flames devoured the car.

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