Trek Powerfly 5 Stolen During “Test Ride” and I Found My Favorite New Newspaper

It is a total bummer that a hard-working bike shop owner was duped out of a brand-new Trek Powerfly 5 after a customer taking a test spin decided not to return. He still might return from the test ride, but he has been gone since August 3. Unless he borrowed a battery charger at the same time, the battery has to be dead by now. Maybe he is pushing the bike back to the shop?

Reporting on the extended test ride was Arcata’s Mad River Union in their Police Log section*. I’ve always loved the Police Log in any local newspaper, but the Mad River Union takes the art form to a new level. This is the best Police Log I have ever read. Kudos to Kevin Hoover. If every newspaper had a bunch of Kevin Hoovers, I believe local newspapers would be doing a lot better.

*Friday, August 3, 2018: 11:04 a.m. A Northtown bicycle shop let a brown-haired man in a “Yeti” baseball cap and a blue Carhart jacket test-drive a $3,600 black with blue highlights Trek Powerfly 5 e-bike. A half-hour later, he and the electro-bike were nowhere to be seen.

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