Totem USA’s Zen Rider E-Bike Powered By Panasonic Earns UL 2849 Approval

Totem USA is introducing a new 2022 e-bike model dubbed the Zen Rider. The Panasonic-powered Zen Rider separates itself from its competition by applying for and passing the Underwriters Laboratory UL 2849 certification. This is a major commitment from Totem to their customers who want the assurance that the e-bikes in their home do not pose an extreme fire threat or have an inherent design issue that could make operation dangerous.

Buying an e-bike is a confusing and complicated dilemma due to the sheer number of available options (my last count of e-bike companies you’ve never heard of is 148!). Reducing your buying decisions to e-bike models that are UL 2849 certified is the safest and most logical way of finding the best e-bike for you. Kudos to Totem for stepping up to the plate and assuring that Zen Rider customers will be riding a quality e-bike.

Narrow your search: The market is saturated with e-bike companies. The best way to find a quality bike is to look for the UL 2849 certification label. It proves a company cares about their customers.

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