The Simple E-Bike Hack For Beating Glacier National Park’s Tourism Hoards

Ashley Harrell of the SFGATE penned an awesome article explaining a simple hack for dodging the reservation system and escaping the crowds at Glacier National Park. The hack? Rent an e-bike. The article goes into great detail on how she pulled it off so you can do the same. 

My story on riding the Utah BDR suggests that a motorcycle is the best was to experience America’s National Parks. After reading Ashley’s story, I’d have to say motorcycles are second-best at many National Parks. Riding an e-bike (or a non-motorized bicycle if you have the fitness) is the way to go.

No trail riding: Bicycles are permitted on all of the roads in the park but are not permitted on trails, with three exceptions, the paved path from Park Headquarters to Apgar Village, the Fish Creek Bike Path from Apgar Village to Fish Creek Campground and the old Flathead Ranger Station trail.
Fighting traffic: Ashley’s hack doesn’t apply to every National Park. The roads in Arches National Park‘s were crowded BEFORE the gate opened, making it sketchy for e-bike and bicycle riders. Tourists are notoriously distracted drivers and few observe posted speed limits. Motorcycles are still the way to go at Arches.

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