The Real Ducati Scrambler is One Mean Runner When Parked

The modern-day Ducati Scrambler just doesn’t do it for me. Motorcycle magazines gush over it but to my eye, it is a poorly constructed poser bike that is too porky to ride on anything but pavement or dirt roads you’d tackle in a 1984 Ford Country Squire.

To find a Ducati Scrambler that gets my attention, you need to turn back the clock to 1971 and throw a leg over the Ducati 450 RT. Now that’s a scrambler! This ad was selling two of them (both “running when parked”). The bikes’ photos were really bad and it was hard to see what the seller was offering (they both appear to be in pretty good condition). He didn’t even list an asking price. Guess none of that mattered because when I looked for the ad a day later, it was gone. Somebody scooped up these two fast.

This is what the Ducati 450 RT looked like when it was new. Well, that’s not accurate. This is a Tom White Collection bike so it looks way better then they did when new. Click here to read more about this beautiful bike.


The seller included this photo in his ad and it has nothing to do with the Ducatis for sale. It does prove he has a serious motorcycle addiction (just like I do).

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