The Frey Beast To Escalate The E-Bike Power And Speed War

Electrek is reporting that Frey, an electric-motorized bicycle company, is introducing an all-new model called the Beast with performance that is claimed to live up to the bike’s name. The company claims that this yet-to-be-released model “features the power of a motorbike combined with the performance and ride style of an electric mountain bike.” Electrek even reports the company claims it will not “advise it for riders who haven’t had previous experience on high-powered electric bikes.” 

I won’t get into the bike’s component selection or power claims because the Beast is not available. The company is expected to release more details in March.

The Beast will be too fast and powerful to be “legally” operated on multi-user trails. That won’t stop any owner from poaching these trails because it is next to impossible to prevent it. The e-bike industry is betting on it.


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