The E-bike Battle Is Now Between Bicycle And Motorcycle Companies

It seems like every month another motorcycle company jumps into a crowded field of bicycle companies offering electric-motorized bicycles. Italy’s Ducati Motorcycles, who offered a single E-bike model in 2019, expands their 2020 selection to three models including the E-Scambler (on the far right) that appears to be intended for on-road use. Ducati joins Bultaco, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson and KTM in a head-to-head assault on a market that has been serviced by E-bike-only companies (like Pedego, Sondors and Juiced) and established bicycle brands (like Trek, Specialized, Cannondale and Giant) who offer both human-powered and electric-motorized models.

Is the market growing fast enough to support all these offerings? That is the million-dollar question. The only thing for sure is that with incredible competition between bicycle and motorcycle brands plus so many unique buying options (including buying direct from off-shore companies or converting a bike in your garage), it is a buyer’s market. Plan to negotiate a deep discount off suggested retail on your E-bike purchase.

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