The Drive Has No Idea That The Segway X260 Is A Motorcycle

A story on the Segway X260 electric-motorized, off-road motorcycle by The Drive’s Jesus Garcia, reveals how little he (and The Drive) knows about motorcycles and e-bikes. Jesus describes the X260 as a “dirt-slinging electric mountain bike that masquerades as a dirt bike.” No, it doesn’t masquerade as anything. It is a motorcycle. How The Drive equates this vehicle to a bicycle is a mystery. Aside from the fact that the X260 uses footpegs (not pedals), its claimed top speed of 46.6 miles per hour exceeds any legal (or non-legal) definition of an electric-motorized bicycle.

The clueless article goes on to say that “You can’t be a full-on mountain bike without having some weather-proof capabilities.” Sorry Mr. Garcia, but there hasn’t been a mountain bike (or motorcycle) made that is weather proof. I’m not even sure what the term “weather proof” means?

Finally, the article warns the reader that, “the Segway dirt eBike will set you back a pretty penny, but that’s also the case with most high-end, non-electrified bikes, let alone reputable eBikes.” Mr. Garcia sure confuses his readers by comparing the X260 to an e-bike and bicycle when it needs to be compared to a motorcycle. The Segway X260’s $5000 suggested retail is actually a pretty sweet price for this much motorcycle, if it lives up to Segway’s claims. That’s a big “if.”

There is already so much confusion surrounding e-bikes and their use on multi-user, natural surface trails. This article clouds the already muddy waters of trail access and electric-motorized vehicles. It is my opinion that The Drive needs to better research and understand what they disseminate to their unsuspecting readers.

The Segway website has vague component descriptions but the X260 doesn’t appear to use many bicycle components (maybe the handlebar?). Even Segway’s component listing gets it wrong, listing the front brake as a “mechanical drum brake.” It is a hydraulic disc brake in all the photos. Hope you don’t get an X260 with a drum brake if you order one. The brake shown here is way better.

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