The Bike That Launched Thousands Of Racing Careers

There is no doubt that Hodaka motorcycles introduced a legion of riders to the joys of off-road riding. Trace the history of most American motocross stars of the 70’s and there is a Hodaka Ace 100 somewhere in the pages (usually in chapter one).

This sweet example appears to be complete and I don’t see signs of abuse. The price is a little bit high but what asking price isn’t? That’s why it is called an “asking” price. This is not the first Hodaka we have featured and it won’t be the last. Hodaka sold boat loads of these bikes so rest assured there are plenty of Running When Parked just waiting to be uncovered.

I’ll bet the 671 miles on the speedo is accurate. These bikes were ridden in dirt lots, on scambles tracks, around farms and to the swimming hole.
The closer I look, the more I like this Ace 100. This is an exceptionally clean example of a 47-year-old motorcycle that has not been restored.

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