Businessman: Taking a trip? Jim Bronson: What’s that? Businessman: Taking a trip? Jim Bronson: Yeah. Businessman: Where to? Jim Bronson: Oh, I don’t know. Wherever I end up, I guess. Businessman: Man, I wish I was you. Jim Bronson: Really? Businessman: Yeah. Jim Bronson: Well, hang in there. Michael Parks, who played Jim Bronson in the TV show “Then Came Bronson,” dead at the age of 77. Rest in peace.


The new issue of Motorcycho just hit the newsstands (if there are any newsstands left standing) and cool motorcycle shops. The new issue is 46 pages of pure sickle bliss brought to the reader in full technicolor. Yours truly even has a feature, “In Praise of Ovals” about a visit to the Dan Rouit Flat Track Museum. You can also buy it directly from the source by sending an email to motorcychomag@gmail.com. Don’t be surprised if the conniving publisher tries to up sell you on a bunch of back issues,…