Specialized E-Bike Advertisement Debunks Proponents’ Low-Speed Claim

The Specialized advertisement that pits their Turbo e-bike against a bicycle has got to be the weirdest advertisement Specialized has produced since their high-speed police pursuit video. It sends a message that must have e-bike proponents gnashing their teeth. The bicycle is piloted by Peter Sagan, one of the fastest bicycle racers on earth. The Turbo e-bike is ridden by a rider identified only as Grandma Joan. The ad, that does not reveal Joan’s age, explains that her heart requires a pacemaker and she has had two knee replacements. The…

E-Bike Storage Facility Destroyed By Massive Fire, Releases Toxic Smoke

Stella Fietsen, a bicycle company located in the Netherlands, suffered a devastating fire in their e-bike and e-bike battery storage facility. European News reports that the fire broke out around 2:30 p.m. in a store room at Stella Fietsen’s headquarters. The article reports that the store room where the fire originated contained 3,000 electric bikes and 6,000 batteries. The building collapsed and is considered a total loss. The fire was classified as a GRIP 3. This means the fire “threatened well-being of (large groups of) the population within a single…

NASA’s E-Bike “To Boldly Go Where No Bike Has Gone Before”

The NASA lunar e-bike prototype was said to be developed in the event of the lunar rover vehicle not being ready for the Apollo missions of 1972 and 1973. The moon scooter didn’t need to be deployed because the lunar rover hit its intended completion deadline. It would take a few years for earth-bound e-bikes to catch up to the lunar bike, but I guess there is one larger trend that can be accredited to this NASA research: hard-shell bicycle helmets.  

Connecticut E-Bike Regulations Protect Unsuspecting Consumers

California was the first state to address e-bike usage by modifying its vehicle code with Assembly Bill 1096. The modified vehicle code is a big victory for companies and retailers who sell (or rent) electric-motorized bicycles in the state, but the legislation puts consumers at a marked disadvantage. The e-bike regulations recently adopted by Connecticut corrects California’s goof and results in legislation far more fair to consumers. APPROPRIATE TRAIL ACCESS The California law allows all but the most powerful e-bikes to be operated on equestrian, hiking and recreational trails. The…

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park Opens To E-Bikes (UPDATED)

If there was ever a mountain bike park that needed to be approved for e-bike use, it is the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park. Why? Mammoth is notoriously one of the toughest places to ride a conventional mountain bike. The park’s altitude assures your lungs will feel like an elephant is sitting on them. The trail surface is soft, spongy, dusty, momentum-killing pumice that can break the spirit of the strongest riders (think kitty litter). There is not a rider who has ridden the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park trails and not…

Scaring Pedestrians In Bike Lanes Is Counterproductive

While I understand this rider’s frustration with people blocking a bike lane when they could and should be on the sidewalk, his solution to the problem may cause more hostility against riders. Best approach is to reduce your speed and give a polite “behind you” or “on your left.” That will work better than blasting off someone’s toupee. You also don’t want to become a victim of road rage (or in this case, pedestrian rage).

You Could Win A Yamaha E-Bike From The Pick Your Passion Sweepstakes

Yamaha, a company famous for everything from pianos to motorcycles and outboard motors to stereo equipment, is kicking off their entry into the U.S. electric bike market by offering interested riders a chance to win one of their e-bikes. And it couldn’t be easier to enter. Click here to enter the sweepstakes. You pick the model you want to win and supply the required contact info. Then sit back, cross your fingers and on September 20th, Yamaha might just pick you as the lucky winner.

Uber Buys E-Bike-Share Company Jump

Tech Crunch is reporting that Uber has purchased bike-share company Jump for close to 200 million bucks! The article says that Jump employees will join Uber’s team but the bike-share company will carry on as an independent, wholly controlled subsidiary. That is the official company line in the majority of company takeovers, but time usually proves that duplication of efforts are eliminated. The tech industry is not known for job security.  

New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio Gets Right With E-bikes

Mayor Bill de Blasio took a potentially giant step forward towards reducing traffic congestion, parking shortages and fossil-fuel-burning auto emissions by rescinding his total ban on e-bike use in New York City. The mayor’s press release (click here to read it) is welcome news for delivery services, commuters and tourists in the Big Apple. The mayor’s announcement takes the same stance as IMBA as far as Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes. He welcomes Class 1 e-bikes while keeping the door closed to Class 2 e-bikes. My feeling is the…

Lohner’s E-Bike Built For People, Not Bike Riders

March 15, 2018: E-bikes have yet to catch on with people looking to ditch their cars in favor of an economical, maneuverable (especially in crowded cities) and more fun vehicle to operate. Plenty of “experts” have theories on why e-bikes have not met with the same acceptance in America that they are enjoying in some European countries. Few (if any) of these experts ever cite the most obvious objection: E-bikes are too much like bicycles. Lohner, an Austrian company, is addressing this issue with their Stroler e-bike. They’ve tossed the…