Stunning E-bike Concept Falls Into Motorcycle Territory

The Monro Motors website doesn’t have an English version so if a Jimmy Mac On Two Wheels reader can translate, we would much appreciate. Even without a translation (that is Chinese, right?) the detailed photos tell a great deal about this very beautiful concept bike.

We have to wonder if the Monro moniker is a tribute to Burt Monro? The bike’s low, sleek lines certainly draw inspiration from bikes of the Bonneville Salt Flats.
A direct-drive electric motor is housed in the rear hub, eliminating the need for a chain. This also eliminates the chance of the Monro being considered an e-bike. It would be classified as a motorcycle in most states.
The V-twin cylinders are there for show. Maybe they could serve as Big Gulp holders? The bike’s battery is stuffed into the sidecase (and there might be two batteries if they did the same on the other side).
Stack it up! The rear hub drives the Munro to a top speed way below what racers are doing on the salt flats.  I’m going to guess the bike has a top speed of around 25 miles per hour.
Attention to detail is impressive. The saddle suspension looks like a shock used on the AMP B4 mountain bike.
The bike has three handlebar options so you can pick your position from full-race to cruiser fun.
Eliminating the chain drivetrain makes any bike look leaner, cleaner and meaner. Since the Monro uses footpegs and not pedals, it is a motorcycle. Sweet dual-rotor disc brakes up front.

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