Seattleites Game The E-Bike Share System

Lime Bike’s e-bike share program seems perfectly suited to Seattle’s hilly terrain and riders seem to agree. Unfortunately, The Stranger is reporting that riders are already gaming the system. How? They get to a destination on their rented e-bike and then park it (or hide it) on private property. You only pay for the bikes when in use, so as soon as you hide the bike and log off, you’re off the meter. The bike isn’t available to other users (unless they trespass) and the rider who hid it won’t be charged until the bike is used again.

One reporter claims she sneaks on private property and rents the bike just long enough to get it back on public property. That will only motivate riders to lock the bikes in a garage or apartment. Then liberating the bike will require breaking and entering!

It will be interesting to see how Lime Bike finds a workaround for this e-bike disappearing act.

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