The Orange County Register is reporting that the rider of a new E-bike luckily escaped injury when the bike caught fire while parked during a break in an afternoon ride. “Lifeguards on scene reported that the battery was popping and sending projectiles dozens of yards from the fire,” said Mike Halphide, lifeguard battalion chief for the Newport Beach Fire Department. The Register reported that firefighters used a dry chemical to extinguish the blaze. It was fortunate that the bike was isolated on the sand instead of resting on a structure. The bike was reported to be a total loss while a riding companion’s bike was also damaged by the heat.​

EV World claims electric-motorized bicycles exploding into flames is a rare occurrence, yet the sight of this flaming bike has got to give any E-bike owner pause. What if the bike had caught fire while unattended at a home or in an area surrounded by combustible materials?​

It is impossible to recommend tips for avoiding a similar situation because it is unknown what caused the fire. Using common sense, if you notice excessive resistance to wheel rotation, hear anything rattling or observe a loose component while riding an electric motorized bicycle, stop operating the vehicle immediately and position it away from combustible material. Do not ride the bike again until a qualified technician evaluates and corrects the problem.

That’s one expensive beach bonfire, but this is no laughing matter. It could have been much worse if the bike was positioned next to combustible material or on a hiking path.

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