Sad Update On Missing Motorcyclist John Mario Fuegos

I reported last year of a Central Coast motorcyclist who never returned from a ride. Information from the police said John was last heard from in the Fillmore area. I posted a plea for people (especially motorcyclists and mountain bikers) to be on the lookout for John.

John’s widow contacted me recently, thanking me for the coverage and my efforts to solve the mystery. She explained that John’s body and motorcycle were found almost three months later off the Highway 101 near the Gaviota tunnel. He was found by chance while CHP officers were investigating a traffic accident.

John’s widow explains, “He loved riding so much. He has been riding since he was a young boy and was an excellent rider. I am sure you two would have been friends.” I’m sure we would have had fun riding together. I know I speak for thousands of motorcyclists in extending sincere condolences to John’s wife, family and friends.

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