Running-When-Parked Kawasaki 650 W1 Finds A New Owner And Bright Future

The email from Aaron is the first time we’ve been contacted by the new owner of a motorcycle featured in the “Running When Parked” section. The bike was found for sale back in October of 2021. We said then that “the asking price is not crazy to somebody who knows their way around vintage Kawasaki motorcycles” and “a competent craftsmen could bring this back to its original glory.”

Looks like Aaron knows vintage motorcycles and is indeed a craftsman. The photos he sent show great progress as he digs into the W1. Based on his initial photos, I think this bike is going to be a stunner when he gets done with it.

Aaron has offered to send more photos to document his progress. Please! We can’t wait to see the bike’s return to glory.

Fast restoration: Aaron didn’t waste any time digging into his running-when-parked Kawasaki W1  project. This bike, that sat around for years, is going to be ridden to cruise nights before summer hits. Way to go, Aaron.


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