Running When Parked ’84 Yamaha XT Fetches $1,550 At Auction

The days of snatching up a motorcycle at auction for dimes on a dollar are over. Proof in point, this very nice Yamaha. While the winning bid of $1,550 isn’t too far out of the ballpark, it is still a home run for the seller. Why? The description doesn’t give you a lot to go on. It is listed as a “project/parts bike.” That’s not super encouraging. Even with a two-inch hole through the piston, the “engine turns.” And “will need fuel system cleaned” is code for cracked fuel lines, a carb gunked with varnish, and an air filter being used as a mouse house. 

So, $1,550 is a bit on the high end, but that’s the nature of bidding in this competitive world. I’m sure the new owner will have fun on this project.

Thanks to Steve Messer for the lead on this RWP’ed.

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