Rokform Mount And Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max A Bad Combo

I’ve run into a big problem with the combination of my iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Rokform Rugged Case mounted to my Suzuki DR-Z400 with the Rokform motorcycle bar mount.

I installed the bar mount on my Suzuki DR-Z400. I was careful that the mount (and the phone) had clearance between the mount and the handlebar’s crossbar. I believed if there was any contact, that could increase vibration passed from the motorcycle to the iPhone.

The first time I used the combo was on a 100-mile dirt road ride. The roads had the usual washboard sections and rocky sections but it was not harsh riding conditions. A day after the ride, I noticed the iPhone’s camera was no longer focusing. I took it to the Apple store and because there was no obvious damage, Apple figured (and so did I) that it may have been a manufacturing issue and replaced the camera for no charge. I never put the riding and the malfunction together until my next ride.

The second ride, also off-road, was on fairly smooth, sandy roads. The ride was just over 100 miles. The camera broke again. I will not allow Apple to pay for this repair because it is my fault. Not theirs.

It appears the phone’s camera is too fragile to be used with the Rokform motorcycle bar mount. I’m researching for other mounts that may better isolate the phone. I’m waiting to hear back from Rokform and I’ll ask Apple if they have any suggestions. I’ll update this story as I find out more.

Until then, I would not encourage you to use the Rokform motorcycle bar mount with your iPhone 11 unless you don’t mind spending an extra $100 on every ride.

The mounting bracket’s arm did not come into contact with the handlebar’s crossbar. The mount should be isolated from the motorcycle’s vibration due to the rubber mount. My iPhone 11 Pro Max needs better isolation.
I’ve used and have been very happy with Rokform’s products on my mountain bikes. It may be that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is too fragile for this application.
Sure, this is off-road riding but it is hardly rough. In fact, the sandy surface may be smoother than riding on the street.

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