Pope Francis Sermons Pro Cyclists To Ride Clean

The San Francisco Chronicle posted a story with quotes from Pope Francis regarding the virtues of clean bicycle racing. Bill Johnson, a close friend and legal advisor to Jimmy Mac On Two Wheels sent us a note that sums up the Pope’s comments succinctly:

“You should be blessed by the knowledge that Pope Francis has praised cycling as morally virtuous, so long as it is not tainted by doping. That is to say, with PEDs (not to be confused with pedals). I do not know whether he also noted the physical benefits of cycling in promoting long life, good health, and awesome quads. Furthermore, long rides are connected to impotency in men which tends to protect virtue. So long as it does not lead to other PEDs for ED. Is that clear? It can’t be long before the introduction of the Popemocycle.”

Pope Francis receives the UCI Road World Champion jersey and a bicycle painted in the colors of the Vatican flag from cycling world champion Peter Sagan of Slovakia at the end of his general audience Jan. 24 at the Vatican. (CNS photo/L’Osservatore Romano)

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