Photos From The AFM Race At Buttonwillow Raceway July 19, 2020

Haven’t been to an AFM road race in a long, long time, but my buddy Mark “Fitzy” Fitzsimmons was racing and there are no spectators to speak of so it was a great place to social distance. I’m pretty sure the middle of July is NOT the best time to race at Buttonwillow. How about we all get back together in maybe January?

I met Mark Fitzsimmons while he was working at Fox Racing. Mark is a suspension guru who applies his mountain bike knowledge to his other passion, motorcycle racing.
The Buttonwillow track surface is ripped up and repaired as much as the I-5 (that takes you to the track).
I dig older Superbikes.
This Guzzi is for you, Norman.
Not as cool as my Sunday, but this Kayo comes close. It is not on their website so I’m not sure how you buy one.
What does it feel like to race and be treated like a pampered factory-supported racer? It only costs you around $1,000 to find out from Feel Like A Pro.
Like I said, I dig old Superbikes like this Kawasaki.
Fitzy said he was feeling a bit rusty after being off the bike for months. He adapted to the hot conditions that were giving everyone tire issues. His rebound damping was perfect!

Fitzy (381) takes the long way around a competitor.

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