Pedego Recalls 11,600 E-Bikes Due To Unexpected Acceleration

The Pedego E-bike Company is asking riders of 11,600 Pedego e-bikes purchased between January 2018 to August 2020 to stop riding their bikes. The CPSC recall is blamed on improperly manufactured electrical cables that can cause the bikes to accelerate unexpectedly, posing the rider a fall or collision hazard.

The models with the potential defect are:
• Interceptor (including Platinum Edition).
• City Commuter (including Mid Drive Edition and Black Edition).
• Boomerang Plus.
• Ridge Rider.
• Trail Tracker (including Gorilla Edition).
• Stretch (including Dual Drive Edition).

Pedego advises riders of these models to stop riding them immediately and contact a Pedego retailer to arrange for a free repair. Since an undisclosed number were sold directly by the company to consumers, it may be difficult for some customers to find a retailer within a reasonable distance. In this case, the rider should contact the company directly. You can also call their recall hotline at (888) 871-7115.

If you were the owner of any of these recalled models but sold your bike, do the new owner a solid by informing them of the potential hazard. Since Pedego would only have the contact information for the first owner, they would not have the ability to send a recall notice to a second or third owner.

This is the second major recall for Pedego’s Chinese/Vietnamese-made e-bikes. Every Pedego e-bike sold between January 2010 and September 2013 were recalled due to possible battery-fires.

The recall information is difficult to find on Pedego’s home page as of this morning. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Product Recalls” link under the Pedego’s Owners heading. It is my opinion that Pedego needs to make the recall notice more prominent at the top of their home page to help spread the recall info.

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