New York Post’s Steve Cuozzo Anti-Cycling Rant Hurts Everyone

Steve Cuozzo’s editorial against the use of bicycles in New York City is so misguided that, as a cyclist, it is hard to read it or take it seriously. There may be some valid points in his editorial, but the racial and sexist overtone drowns out what little common sense the editorial possesses.

If you find the time to read the editorial, you might want to drop Steve a message with your feelings. This is especially important if you are a female or a non-white male rider (because Steve doesn’t think you exist).

“Bikers long ago replaced muggers as the No. 1 fear of those on foot.” Sorry Steve, your statement is preposterous. Have cyclists cured all the transportation woes facing New York City? Of course not. Could cyclists help? Of course.
Steve Cuozzo says, “Many women who ride bikes do so not in bike lanes, but in parks and in dedicated, car-free spaces such as the Hudson River Greenway.” Women don’t commute in NYC?

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