National Bicycle Dealers Association To Address E-Bike Fire Risks In Webinar Series UPDATED

The National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) just announced four webinars dealing with e-bike fire potential. The series will be aimed at retailers but I would imagine that any e-bike owner could benefit from the disseminated information.

The first webinar took place on May 24th and addressed e-bike explosions, fire safety and product third-party certification. Comments from a New York City Fire Department official were very enlightening as were all the topics covered by the panel members. You can watch this webinar by clicking here.

The second webinar takes place on June 2 and addresses what an e-bike retailer needs to tell their customers about safe use and storage of their e-bike’s batteries. You can register by clicking here.

The third webinar on June 22nd will go into detail on the Underwriters Laboratories’ UL 2849 safety standard for e-bikes. We have written about UL 2849 before and look forward to this presentation. You can register by clicking here. You can find out more about UL 2849 from this article I wrote last year.

Finally on July 7th the final webinar will concentrate on retailer risk and concerns. You can register by clicking here.


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