Messin’ Around On The Carrizo Plain Today

Waiting for the Spring: This place gets super pretty after the Winter’s rain (if we ever get any). The barren landscape can turn into a wild flower explosion. Hard to believe looking at it today. Riding the Carrizo Plain solo is a little crazy. Guilty.
Faded memories: The abandoned ranches on the Carrizo Plain are creepy and spooky. Would be cool to camp at one of them.
Rush Hour: At the 100-mile mark I encountered the first and only vehicle during my ride. It looked like a rental car. The difference between a Jeep and a rental car? A rental car can go anywhere. The Carrizo Plain is a lonely place on Tuesdays.
Save it for later: Opted not to ride the Temblor Range road by myself. I’m not comfortable riding steep stuff solo. If you screw up out here, you are on your own.
Double protection: My Vicious Cycles bandanna (you can get your own here) can be used in a pinch for a mask, but it is best for keeping warm and looking like desperado waiting for a train.

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