Malibu In Ashes – Before and After Images

Last week’s Woolsey Fire engulfed and destroyed a place I’ve grown to accept and appreciate as my second home. The beautiful house belonged to my wife’s mom, Donna. She and Allen, her late husband (thank the Lord he didn’t have to see this), spent 47 years in the house. Donna refers to this as time spent in paradise. The 90-year-old great grandmother is at peace with losing her home (and all her art) and is moving full-speed ahead with a champion’s determination. She already has replaced one of her cars and just put an offer on a new home in Camarillo. This lady does not mess around.

We were allowed to see the property today and I’ve put together a few before and after photos to give you an idea of the devastation. This place means so much to so many people and I’m sorry if these images bring pain. When I see how strong Donna is, it seems to ease the pain.

A box of slides.

Some of the small items found under ash.

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