Lyft E-Bikes Return To The Streets With New Brakes But Will Fix Work?

CNN Business is reporting that Lyft E-Bikes are returning their rental fleets to the streets after being removed due to a number of crashes linked to the front brake locking the front wheel (and the rider going over the bars). CNN explains that the Lyft fix is to replace the bikes’ roller brakes with disc brakes.

I theorized that similar crashes experienced by Citi Bike renters were more likely due to rider error than a mechanical issue. Lyft’s disc brake solution will certainly test my theory because disc brakes are just as powerful as roller brakes in most situations.

If the disc brakes eliminate over-the-bar falls, my theory was wrong. If the “endos” continue or escalate, I was right. I hope I’m wrong because it means less rental bike riders will be injured. Time (and ER reports) will tell.

A disc brake has many advantages over a roller brake but I don’t feel that any of those advantages address the problem experienced by Lyft and Citi Bike riders.

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