Kawasaki Running When Parked Four Pack

Kawasaki Running When Parked Four Pack

Here is something you don’t see everyday. Four Running When Parked motorcycles offered from the same collection. And the ad was just updated explaining one of the four is now running. I don’t know how long ago the ad was first posted so you’ll just have to guess how many hours went into getting the bike fired up.

In my humble opinion that $1900 asking price (each) for a non-runner is crazy. The guy is asking for the value of an “Excellent Condition” example. The ballpark for a RWP’ed Kawasaki of this vintage is $500-$700.

If you could pick them up at that price (and you live on a large property), think of all the fun you could have inviting some friends over and setting up a scrambles track? That is, once you got them running. If they are still available, you can find the ad here.

What is a RWP’ed?
The phrase “Running When Parked” (RWP) is code for a once treasured possession that has been neglected in the corner of the garage or tool shed for far too long. Lacking the energy, time or resources to bring the little beauty back to life, the owner lists it for sale in hopes that a new owner will massage it back to health. Our collection of RWP’ed bikes fall into two distinct categories; treasure or trash. And you are the only one who can properly judge which category the bike belongs in.

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