Johnny Loco Cargo E-bike Pure Three-Wheeled Fun

Johnny Loco is a company located in the Netherlands that creates beautiful city bikes of both the human-powered and motorized variety. Their bikes are ultra-rare in the States and that’s too bad because they offer a certain flavor that is missing from city bikes sold on our shores.

The motor is tucked neatly below the bottom bracket keeping the bike’s art-deco style intact.

This is why it was so surprising to spy a Johnny Loco for sale locally (at least locally for me) on Craigslist. The bike looks brand-spanking new and the seller’s ad explains the bike was used for filming and has never been ridden on the street. I would seriously consider making an offer but my somewhat secluded location and being forced to use the ultra-sketchy Somis Road to get to town has tempered my enthusiasm. But what about you?

If you have a straight shot (and adequate bike lanes) to your local downtown, school or neighbors, this is a unique, stylish ride that lets you leave the car in the garage. Check it out before it’s gone.

Bring the whole family! What a cool way to get around town, haul groceries or just cruise. This ride will attract attention.

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