Jimmy Mac On Two Wheels’ Most-Viewed Stories of 2019

I’m not sure why the top stories of 2019 are very important. I don’t have advertisers to appease and I don’t monetize my loyal readers. It is not a fair measurement because the stories posted in the first part of the year had more opportunity to build an audience than the stories from a month ago. I guess I’m just curious what stories spiked the status quo and if you missed them, you get another shot to read them.

So here you go. The most-read stories of 2019.

Not surprising that this section of Jimmy Mac On Two Wheels blows the other sections off the charts (by a long shot). E-bikes may be the worst-marketed cycling product I have seen. There is so much misinformation (plus information that is not disseminated) and preposterous claims by so many manufacturers, university studies and media outlets that revealing a bit of truth seems to strike the right cord with many readers.

The top story was about the Luna X1 Enduro and how its builders coach their customers to break the law and not get caught. Coming in a close second was my expose’ on just how the whole E-bike Class structure is a farce (and Luna kinda backs me up on that assertion).

This was a close race and both stories posted early in the year (the Bob Sutton story was only posted in November and is still climbing, so I’m giving it honorable mention). The One Moto Show coverage tops the moto category with the Mecum Motorcycle Auction coming in a close second by only a few hundred views (I deserve a Pulitzer Prize for the title of that story).

The Mike Nosco Memorial Ride was the top cycling story. It sure didn’t hurt that I posted a ton of photos. Word of mouth helped move this story along. “Did you see your photo on Jimmy Mac’s website?” A lot of riders did.

Running When Parked
Okay, I love doing this section but it lags behind the others. I think they are funny and informative and who doesn’t like looking at motorcycles for sale? Not that many of you, it appears.

The funky and beautiful Ducati Mark 3 350 Desmo was the most-read Running When Parked. I don’t think the bike sold because I’ve seen it pop up on craigslist and eBay since my posting.

There you have it. Thanks for looking at my site and I hope to create content in 2020 that you will want to tune-in to.

Happy New Year From Jimmy Mac

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