Illegal Mountain Bike Clubhouse Built On Private Property

One of my favorite trails in Hill Canyon (located west of Wildwood Park) was initially constructed illegally by some still-unknown groms. Fortunately, park rangers were able to improve the rogue trail and actually add it to their trail network. This news item out of Great Britain takes illegal trails to a whole new level.

In addition to the basketball court, Camp Grom offers sweet jumps for mountain bikers.

The Courier is reporting that “Police officers are hunting the unknown individuals who turned part of a Perthshire estate into their own personal playground.” The photos show a clubhouse, basketball court and shooting range. The story reports that “mountain bike jumps” were also part of the illegal Little Rascals’ hideaway.

The illegal builders put in some serious hours to construct their clubhouse. Next time kids, you gotta get permission.

At a time when some research is suggesting that children are growing weaker as computers replace outdoor activity, the culprits who constructed this illegal summer camp certainly didn’t lack energy, ingenuity or ability. They did lack a lot of common sense.

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