Hitting This Link Will Cost You An Hour Of Your Life And Unveil 6,821-Miles Of Mountain Biking

I love maps. Printed, digital, 3D or street view, it doesn’t matter. Open any map and I’m already off on a trip in my head. That’s why hitting this link to the Colorado Trail Explorer is going to cost you some serious time units out of your life. But if you are a mountain biker, think of the next hour as an investment, not a cost.

The map details a claimed 39,000 miles of trails and over 1,400 trailheads. There are an estimated 6,821 miles of mountain bike trails (sounds kinda low to me if there are 39,000 miles of trails) and 5,683 miles of hiking trails identified on the map. And Colorado state officals claim that this is just the start. The map is a living creature that will be continually updated.

So don’t say I didn’t warn you. Take a look at the Colorado Trail Explorer, lose the next hour of your life and start planning your next adventure.

The entire Colorado Trail Explorer map looks like somebody spilled guacamole and hot sauce. Zoom in and you’ll find something a lot tastier.
My buddy Woody is always bragging about the awesome mountain biking he has near his home of Avon, Colorado. The Colorado Trail Explorer seems to back up his claim. Hope your guest room is ready, Woody.

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