Harley-Davidson Debuts Bicycle Line

While Harley-Davidson struggles to remain relevant by introducing new product lines that attract a younger demographic of customer, we are not sure how the Low Rider HP® will achieve this goal. The Low Rider HP (that stands for Human Powered) takes too many of its design cues from existing Harley-Davidson motorcycle models. While the electric-powered motorcycle prototypes and rich-kid scooters are closer to Harley’s desired goal of attracting buyers who are under 60 years old, the Low Rider HP appears too cumbersome and lacking in performance to ignite the passion (and loosen the purse strings) of younger consumers.

The Low Rider HP® offers dual-disc brakes up front for stopping power, ample cargo space for a quick trip to the liquor store and a powerful headlight for night riding. Test riders give the Low Rider HP high marks for downhill stability but found the uphill performance lacking.
While the Low Rider HP® may attract a new generation of Shriners, that is not the target demographic that Harley was shooting for.

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