Harley-Davidson Adventure Prototype Nails It (UPDATE)

November 6, 2019: Cycle News is reporting that Harley-Davidson is showing a prototype dubbed the Pan America. While this is still a prototype, it looks closer to a production model than the photos first leaked in September. It looks like the Pan American is going to happen.

September 16, 2019: Customizers and fabricators have stuffed different versions of Harley-Davidson’s V-twin engines into their off-road and adventure bikes for years. There was no shortage of them at this year’s One Moto Show in Portland. Still, when it came time for Harley-Davidson to reveal their own take on what a Harley-Davidson Adventure bike should look like, they didn’t disappoint. Now please H-D, make it.

Not sure if you can throw this into the “Adventure” category but that is what The One Moto Show is all about…breaking out of categories.
A Harley that would look right at home on the start line in Ensenada ready for the 1,000-mile trip to LaPaz.
Harleys weren’t the only bikes to get the “Adventure” treatment at The One Moto Show. This muddy BMW looks ready to tackle any type of terrain you put in front of it.

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