Gooseberry Mesa Rescue Is Lesson For Every Rider

Gooseberry Mesa rests to the east of Hurricane, Utah, and it is one of my favorite mountain biking destinations. What makes the place so appealing (aside from the awesome trails) is its remote location. This is not a place that riders just happen upon. No, a Goose rider has to commit to driving on miles of rutted, rocky dirt roads crossing cattle grates to get to the camping and trail head. This remote location is also Gooseberry’s achilles’ heel.

Two riders were recently injured on the Goose so EMTs and paramedics were deployed by Hildale/Colorado City Fire and Rescue. It takes a long time for first responders to respond to the Goose. This story details the rescue.

The lesson here is to turn it down a notch when riding on the Mesa. The place is amazing until you get hurt.

First responders to Gooseberry Mesa are deployed from Hildale. If you are badly injured, expect an expensive helicopter ride.
The attraction of Gooseberry Mesa is also its most dangerous feature. Don’t expect the cavalry to save you. They are a long ride away.
Another Gooseberry tip: When the snow starts falling, get off the Mesa quick or plan for a long visit.

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