General Motors’ ARĪV E-bike Line Not Coming To America (Yet)

General Motors announced that their two-model line of ARĪV e-bikes will first be sold in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands because all three countries have shown a hearty appetite for electric-motorized bicycles. The Meld is a compact e-bike that looks ideal for urban riding. The Merge model takes the compact design and folds it in half, making it very attractive for commuters who can use the bike to compliment their own automobile or public transportation.

There was no information of the ARĪV bikes coming to America. By the way, the name ARĪV came from crowd sourcing. GM asked for riders to come up with a name. ARĪV it was.

The ARĪV Merge folds in half, allowing riders to roll the bike on its wheels while folded. A carry-on bike!

The ARĪV Meld can only be pre-ordered on by riders in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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