Fine ’69 Yamaha Smoker Worth Half Asking Price

Loyal “Running When Parked” readers know that I’m a sucker for any motorcycle released in 1969. I don’t know exactly why, but 1969 bikes all have a little something that separates them from the crowd. This Yamaha YR3 350 is no exception. The 350cc two-stroke engine has serious-looking cylinder-cooling fins. The fuel tank is a classic shape. There is an adjustable steering damper. And drum brakes, while no match to the performance of disc brakes, are so clean looking. Now the problem.

The $1100 asking price is a stretch. The tank needs major work. The carbs need to be replaced or rebuilt. Those cool drum brakes will need new shoes and who knows what else.  And problems could lurk inside the top end and tranny that you won’t find out about until you get the thing running.

Still, it is a cool bike. The right mechanic and an offer around $500 would be a good match for this project.

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