E-Bike Storage Facility Destroyed By Massive Fire, Releases Toxic Smoke

Stella Fietsen, a bicycle company located in the Netherlands, suffered a devastating fire in their e-bike and e-bike battery storage facility. European News reports that the fire broke out around 2:30 p.m. in a store room at Stella Fietsen’s headquarters. The article reports that the store room where the fire originated contained 3,000 electric bikes and 6,000 batteries. The building collapsed and is considered a total loss.

The fire was classified as a GRIP 3. This means the fire “threatened well-being of (large groups of) the population within a single municipality.” It requires the mayor to order a full policy team and the municipal disaster management team to convene. The regional operational team will also convene in full composition.

Towns and cities who welcome bike (and scooter) share companies that use battery power and electric motors need to assure their citizenship that the storage and battery-charging facilities of these companies meet the city’s fire codes (and hope that those fire codes have been updated to address the potential of battery fires at storage/charging facilities).

The battery fire at Stella Fietsen is suspected of releasing toxic smoke and residents were evacuated.



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