E-Bike Riders Unfairly Targeted By Carlsbad City Council

After watching this report a couple of times, I have the following observations:

1. There may have been 186 collisions last year (combined bikes and e-bikes) but how many of those were caused by distracted automobile drivers? An injury still hurts no matter who was at fault but it is likely that the Carlsbad City Council needs to tell automobile drivers to slow down, drive at least near the posted speed limits, get off the phone and pay attention to cyclists and pedestrians.

2. Bikes and e-bikes reduce traffic congestion and of course they look fast to drivers sitting in traffic. Carlsbad should be encouraging bicycle and e-bike use.

3. There is a California traffic citation book full of laws for riders (and drivers) who blast through stop signs, ride on sidewalks or ride against traffic. Enforce those laws and reckless riders will get the message.

4. Police need to be able to identify and differentiate between e-bikes and electric-powered motorcycles (that use many bicycle components). That’s no easy task. California AB-1096 defines an electric-powered bicycle as having pedals or footpegs (if it doesn’t go over 30 miles per hour). Even the California Highway Patrol’s information liaison, Officer Borer, said he’d have to get back to me when I asked if the Sur-Ron bikes are street and trail legal. That was on September 14, 2021!

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