UPDATE: Di Blasi Offers Mobility In A Box With Electric-Motorized Scooter

UPDATE JUNE 5, 2019: My original R30 story mentions that the $199.99 price seems very inexpensive for such an interesting vehicle. I contacted Sheryl Wright of Cavendish Healthcare in the United Kingdom and she explains: “The DiBlasi is actually manufactured in Sicily and we retail the R30 at £2,600 (excluding VAT) in the UK. As far as I know the R30 is not readily available in the USA, however, I can put anyone in touch with a company that would be able to arrange purchase and shipping to the USA, as we have done this in the past. However, whilst we can send spare parts, the warranty would not apply in this instance as I’m sure you would understand. Unfortunately, we know that people have paid the $199 and not got their scooters, so please, if you do know anybody else that is looking at this website can you let them know?”

I have removed the link to the company that claimed to be selling the R30 for $199.99.

JUNE 3, 2019: While traveling in Europe a video of this electric-motorized scooter kept popping up seemingly every time I accessed the internet. If you have limited mobility, this product could be just what you are looking for. It is impressive to watch it automatically fold and unfold plus it appears to be light enough to load and unload from your automobile without too much hassle.

The ad’s link took me to a company that claims to sell the scooter for $199.99. I say “claims” because that price seems awfully cheap for so much technology. The website says the company sells products for up to 70% off their retail value. A little digging found UK-based Di Biasi, that appears to be the product’s distributor. Unfortunately they do not list the sale price.

If you or a friend has mobility issues, I’d start by contacting Di Biasi to get more information.

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