Dave Miller Face Mask Sales Generate $3,550 For The Miller Family

It started out as a fun idea to create a COVID-19 face mask that looked like the iconic Scott Face Mask worn by racers before full-face helmets were widely used by motocross racers. Long-time friend and cartoonist Curt Evans came up with the artwork and coordinated a limited-production run. That’s when we realized there were plenty of old-time motocrossers who wanted one too. We decided to make another batch to raise money for the family of Dave Miller (pictured about in a photo shot by Curt), who passed away recently after a battle with cancer. Then, Jody Weisel and Motocross Action Magazine posted information and sales took off.

The mask sales generated $3550 for Dave’s family before they sold out. That doesn’t mean you can’t donate directly to the Miller Fund. Just hit this link and every donation, no matter what size, will be greatly appreciated by the family.

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