Crushing Motocross Bikes A Blatant Publicity Stunt That Benefits Nobody

The New York Post is reporting that Eric Adams has joined the list of former New York City mayors who think that destroying motorcycles ridden illegally is the best way to combat the operation of off-road vehicles on New York City streets. These “crusher” events are a publicity stunt that the media eats up. Just watch the wags leap to their collective feet to get the “money” shot of a bull dozer flattening motorcycles, scooters and ATVs. Sad, because how can anyone believe the destruction of these vehicles will somehow cure the problem?

I have to wonder how many of those crushed vehicles were stolen property? And why not generate some income by selling the confiscated vehicles to a salvage company like Argo Cycles? These vehicles could be used by trade schools to teach mechanics. I guess the city gets some money from a scrap metal company but after the oil, gas and batteries are separated (for environmental reasons), I wouldn’t be surprised if the city paid for each vehicle destroyed.

I assume NYC authorities think their theatrics will inspire illegal motorcycle riders to give up their dirt-bike antics. I’m skeptical. These riders will just buy (or steal) another bike and hit the road again. Eric Adams may feel it is more politically palatable to blame a vehicle, but it is the riders who are breaking the law.

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