Mountain Biking Banned In New Zealand Due To COVID

Stuff, a New Zealand news site, posted a story about how a mountain biker, in need of emergency evacuation after a fall, triggered the discovery of more than 50 mountain bikers in violation of alert-level-4 restrictions. Those restrictions? “Any recreational activity that could lead to a rescue or emergency response.”  Alert-Level 4 seems to apply to everything from skateboarding to body surfing. And you thought we had it tough here with mask mandates!

Cat 3-4 Racer Dies While Riding His Dream Race

Valley News is reporting that Evan Barr-Beare, a 33-year-old Rhode Island scientist, suffered a possible medical issue while leading his class at the 40th annual Concord Criterium bicycle race. Evan veered off course, crashed and did not respond to emergency medical assistance. The article explains that Evan was having a race most cyclists dream of, launching a solo attack that put him almost a minute ahead of the chasing pack. Our sympathies go out to Evan’s family and friends. Godspeed, Evan.

E-Bike Dominates Rush-Hour Race

GeekWire recently conducted a rush-hour race through Seattle that pitted the most popular forms of urban transportation against each other. The only notable and puzzling omission from the starting grid participants was a motorcycle. Maybe GeekWire will allow one to compete in their next race.  If I was a betting man, I would be richer today. My money would have been on the e-biker (it would have been on the motorcycle if there had been one in the race). Kudos to GeekWire for a great article and a fun event.

Prolific Action Sports Photographer, John Ker, In Recovery Mode

Hall of Fame member (both Mountain Bike and BMX) and all-round great guy, John Ker, is in the hospital following hip-replacement surgery (following a cycling get off). John’s recovery has not gone smoothly and he is in a lot of pain. Rehab is going at a snail’s pace. John can use some encouragement so take the time to drop him a get-well email. His email address is I know he would love hearing for friends, old and new.

Bicyclist Sustains Serious Injuries From Landing On Alligator – UPDATED

I hate falling off my mountain bike, road bike or motorcycles. After reading of the rider who fell on top of a female alligator, I have even more reasons to stay “on two wheels.” You can read the gruesome account of the crash and attack from the TCPalm website. Here’s wishing for a full recovery to the rider. Slippery when wet: Wooden bridges used on many mountain bike trails can have slick surfaces due to weather and foliage conditions. It is a great idea to use extra caution and stay…

Sophisticated Scam Courtesy Of Facebook Marketplace

A ‘Sponsored” link on Facebook Marketplace directs unsuspecting people to the most sophisticated scam I’ve seen so far. The link delivers you to a legit-looking website where Trek is holding a “Flash Sale.” This is where the scammers blew it. I’m not going to point out how they screwed up because it might help them improve their scam in the future and I certainly won’t link you to the scam. Facebook is complicit in this crime. The posting is “sponsored content” meaning Facebook accepted money from the scammers and in…

Park & Diamond Invents A Helmet Standard And Hopes Backers Fall For It (UPDATED)

July 1, 2021: A new update from Park & Diamond posted on July 1st starts off with “Sorry to say, we are not ready to ship helmets just yet.” It goes on to explain how investors can change their mailing address but offers no information on possible shipping dates. The hosting platform that enabled this fiasco, Indiegogo, needs to pressure Park & Diamond to deliver more forthright information or assist in securing refunds for customers who have waited long enough for their helmets. May 28, 2021: Jimmy Mac On Two…

Bicycle Race In France Starts Today

Have you heard? There is some big bike race that kicks off today in and around France. I guess it is a big deal. Capture the spirit: Messy Nessy posted a story about it a few years ago that is still my favorite. Grandparents ashamed: The first crash of the 2021 Tour de France was caused by a spectator holding a sign that struck a rider, knocking him down and causing a domino effect. What was the important message? The sign uses both French and German language. “Allez” means “go”…