Can Motorcyclists Stop The Waving Thing?

Isn’t it about time we motorcyclists gave up on this waving thing? A motorcyclist has every right to wave at another rider (or bicyclists, or pedestrian or Food truck for that matter), but don’t lay the guilt trip on me if I don’t wave back. I may feel it is a bad time to remove my hand from the handlebar, or a bad time to pay attention to you instead of that SUV drifting over the centerline while the driver is texting or I might just be tired of waving.

The waving practice probably began about the same time the motorcycle was invented in 1867. After dodging road apples for miles, the rarity of seeing another motorcyclists overwhelmed a rider and the left arm shot up involuntarily to show support for a kindred spirit. One hundred and fifty two years later, motorcyclists are not such an uncommon sight and there are bigger things to dodge than road apples.

Here in Ventura County, I can’t go on a ride without seeing plenty of riders. I’m not going to wave to them all. I don’t wave to other Dodge Sprinter drivers or I’d have every plumber, carpenter and electrician following me home thinking I had a job for them.

Do you really need my wave to reaffirm your decision to ride a motorcycle? I’m already riding. You know I know how much fun it is. If the idea of going cold turkey freaks you out, maybe we can agree to a tip of the visor?

Either way, when I don’t wave to you like Miss Apple Blossom from her throne on top of the Fruit Hill Orchard float in the 4th of July parade, it is nothing personal. I just want to stay more focused on my riding.

It is her duty to wave to every stranger along the parade route. I just want to ride my motorcycle.

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