Black Friday Sale Must Really Piss Off Recent Buyers Of Serial 1 E-Bikes

You’ll notice a disproportionate number of Serial 1 stories on Jimmy Mac On Two Wheels, so sue me, but they are an interesting company. The last message I received (as a consumer, not a journalist) is news of the company’s Black Friday sale. A free helmet with your purchase? Maybe a set of panniers? Nope. You get $1000 off! You read that right, $1000 off on the model of your choice. That’s just crazy.

If you purchased a Mosh/Cty model 5 days ago, you paid $3799. Today the same bike is only worth $2799 (and it is not used like yours). So much for resale value.

Such a gigantic discount really screws riders who have already purchased a Serial 1. These drastic discounts point to a number of possible issues at Serial 1. They may have a warehouse full of unsold, over-forecast bikes. They may realize their bikes are over priced. Maybe new models (like their auction bikes) are coming down the supply chain and they need to move out current inventory.

Regardless of the reason, this Black Friday sale is awesome for new riders and a back stab to anybody who already purchased one.

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