Dave Miller Benefit Face Masks Sold Out

So sorry, but I have sold out of the replica Scott Face Masks. Thanks to everyone who supported this fun way to raise some money for a deserving family. In the next few weeks, I’ll post how much you raised for the Dave Miller family. Again, I’m so sorry if you missed out. If you have any questions, you can contact me at jimmymacontwowheels@gmail.com.

VICE Reports On The Shredding Of Jump E-Bikes

Vice is reporting that thousands of perfectly good Jump electric-motorized bikes and scooters have been dropped off at a recycling facility and will be shredded. This is a sad and demoralizing story at a time when cities desperately need alternatives to crowded and confined mass transportation. The 60-dollar question is what is happening with all the batteries and electric motors removed from the bikes? That is not revealed in the article and could be far more troubling than the scrapping of the bikes.

The Perfect COVID-19 Face Mask For Motocross Fans (UPDATED)

UPDATE JUNE 12, 2020: Sorry to inform everyone that we have sold out of the Scott Face Mask replicas. We want to thank the folks who supported the fund-raising effort for the Miller Family. I will be posting the final amount raised for the family from the mask sales in the next few weeks. But just because the masks are sold out doesn’t mean you can’t help. You can hit the following link and donate directly to the Miller Family. Check out their GoFundMe page here SAD NEWS MAY 22,…

Elspeth Beard’s Solo Global Motorcycle Adventure

Messy Nessy, a well-curated website you need to visit during these times, just posted a great story and interview with Elspeth Beard, who at 23 years old set off on her motorcycle, and didn’t return home until she’d traveled the entire globe. Check out the story by clicking here. Also, Messy Nessy posts “13 Things I found On The Internet Today” every Monday. I highly recommend checking in each week. There is always something very cool and unexpected in her lists.

RWP Sticker Available From Fartco

I don’t know if the folks at Fartco Inc. have ever read my “Running When Parked” feature, but they make a sticker that looks great on the fender of my Suzuki DR-Z400. In addition to the “Ran When Parked” sticker, Fartco offers a bunch of funny, irreverent and sometimes crass T-shirts, stickers, hats, pins and prints. Check them out. Something here just may brighten up your stay-at-home blues.

General Motors’ ARĪV E-bike Line Not Coming To America – UPDATED

5/13/20 – The Verge is reporting that General Motors has pulled the plug (pun intended) on their ARĪV e-bike. Mark Peterman, a respected bicycle industry expert, explains, “The main issue was the arrogance in making a proprietary motor. They launched in the EU with a folding bike? The whole approach to the market smacked of an incredible lack of any kind of real knowledge of the competitive set and trending.” Mark feels the ARĪV shouldn’t suffer such a quick death. He states, “Having met the team that made that bike…

Specialized Turbo Vado SL E-Bike The One I’ve Been Waiting For

I’ve sometimes joked that there must be an unwritten law that says e-bikes have to be ugly. While there have been bikes that buck the ugly trend, alas, most are concepts, yet-to-ship crowd funders or limited-run customs. If there is such a hit-me-with-that-ugly-stick law, Specialized is now guilty of breaking that law with their 28-mile-per-hour Turbo Vado SL. Finally, a major manufacturer is delivering an e-bike that I’d like to have in my garage. No, I take that back. I don’t want it in the garage; I want my butt…

What Harley-Davidson Needs To Do To Survive

Harley-Davidson has taken a beating in the financial press recently and it appears that 2020 is shaping up to be the roughest year yet for the 117-year-old company. The company’s CEO left town in February after the product expansion and new-rider programs he championed failed to ignite investor confidence or reverse (or even stall) the company’s declining sales performance. The news of his replacement, a guy tapped from an athletic shoe company who already sat on the board, has helped the stock rebound slightly, but I predict a very short…

Bike Shop Fire NOT Caused By Charging E-Bike Battery

Bike shop fires ignited by charging e-bike batteries, unfortunately, are not a rare story here at Jimmy Mac On Two Wheels. What is a rare story is a bike shop fire caused by two employees cremating a mouse. Yes, you read that correctly. Two bike shop employees, who we assume were bored out of their gords, found a dead mouse and figured cremation was a better option than burial for the disposal of the little corpse. A degreaser was employed to accelerate the slow-burning rodent. Unknown to the shop employees,…

Super73 And PeopleForBikes Make Strange Bedfellows

Received a “call to action” request from electric-motorized bicycle company Super73 and the trade organization, PeopleForBikes. Both want me to encourage the National Park Service (NPS) to adopt new regulations that would allow electric-motorized bicycles access to roads and trails managed by the NPS that are currently designated for non-motorized users. It is not surprising that a trade organization wants new regulations that will help its members sell more products. That’s what trade organizations do. What is surprising is their teaming with Super73. This company only offers one model that…