The Guangzhou Orientway Electric Motorbike Industry Company offers a large line of electric motorized vehicles including bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, cargo bikes and even tricycles. But they don’t sell them under the Guangzhou Orientway name. They will make them for you if you will commit to a certain number of units. Just add your own graphics, dream up a catchy brand name and slap on a head-tube badge. It is that easy. You could be a bike company!

While Guangzhou Orientway is not the only manufacturer to offer this opportunity to anyone ready to cash in on the electric-motorized bike sales explosion, they have the absolute best pitch we’ve every read for an electric-motorized mountain bike. The loosely translated pitch is a charming love story that should make you cringe and laugh at the same time. Will it convince you to start your own bike company? Only you can answer that question. The pitch (with a few punctuation corrections) in its entirety…

E Mountain Bike, When He Falls In Love With Me

Maybe you would say, he is a kind of bike. Or maybe you have ever seen him in your friend’s home. However, you must not know he had a past love affairs with me. Yeah, he is my ex-boyfriend. My the Loved. I love his slim and black body. I love his front & rear disc brake, which could give me safety. And I love his aluminum alloy front fork, too. However I love him once, I still turn my back on him and go with another.

Do you know him? Guess, please. Yeah, he is e mountain bike. Is he pure and more handsome? Is he Full of passion? Is he fashionable?

Oh, my gold, any words can’t be expressing my feeling. One day, my friend made an idea of Climbing the mountain with walking. Come on, I can’t accept her thinking, because I have felt tired during Monday to Friday, I can’t do more physical work. Thus, how can I do? As matter of fact, I should pay more attention on sharing relaxing time with the nature, so E-mountain bicycle 02A(2 is coming. He can be With foot and also with Motor. I love his big as well as cool tires. When he appears, I believe he have fell in love with me and I love Climbing the mountain with him weekend by weekend.

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