An E-Bike So Stealthy Only Your Legs Will Know The Truth

Germany’s Das Zeitgeist has released a video of their new e-bike that is remarkable because it doesn’t appear to be an e-bike. This bike is so stealth that it could sneak into the middle of the most hardcore training ride and nobody would be the wiser.

The company’s website is not operational so information on the bike is scarce. Designboom has a feature on the bike that reads much like a press release, but you may be able to cull some useful information until the company launches their website with more specifications, pricing and ordering details. Until then, enjoy the teaser video.

This screen capture from the Das Zeitgeist video reveals little about their electric-powered bike. To an untrained eye, it would be easy to mistake the bike as a traditional human-powered bicycle. That’s half the fun.
One scary mistake seen in the video is a loose front-wheel skewer. Tech companies bring new ideas to the cycling table (or in this case, road), but they need some good old cycling experience to avoid situations like this. I know just the guy.
This is not the e-bike that will get people out of their cars or introduce new people to cycling. It is an e-bike that will tempt current riders (who are conditioned to riding with dropped bars and on narrow saddles) to leave their non-powered bikes in the garage. I would love to spend saddle time on one when available.

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