A Transformer Motorcycle That Adapts To Your Riding Style

The JMC Motorcycle Company concept is simple. Start with the Platform bike that champions mechanical simplicity and sporty performance. Next, offer a number of bolt-on transformer kits designed to quickly attach to the Platform bike. Keep the ownership costs attractively affordable.

The JMC mantra is simplicity. Simple to manufacture. Simple to inventory. Simple to sell. Simple to work on. Simple to ride. Simply cool. 

This is JMC in a nutshell, but there is plenty more. There are specific and unique distribution strategies, rider participation programs and long-term growth possibilities that make the JMC concept very tangible. 

If you want more information on JMC, drop an email to Jimmy “Mac” McIlvain. Special thanks to the amazing Dale Davis of the UnAgency for the illustrations.

JMC motorcycle's Platform Model.
The Platform: This is where the fun begins. The platform uses an easy-to-service, mid-displacement engine. The chassis is designed to accept different body parts that transform the Platform into a motorcycle for your riding style.
The Adventurer: A larger-capacity fuel tank and plenty of secure, weather-resistant stowage space turns the Platform into a long-distance adventure bike. Would also be the trim for an economical, day-to-day commuter. Of course, this Monday-to-Friday bike can transform into a weekend canyon carver.
JMC Tracker
The Tracker: Can’t make up your mind between the Tracker and Cafe? You don’t have to. Keep both transformer kits in the garage and change your JMC Platform to fit your mood. A bike that looks at home at the Springfield Mile would sure look awesome in the school parking lot.
JMC Cafe
The Cafe: Do motorcycles really need to reach 80 miles per hour in second gear? JMC believes a lightweight, responsive, mid-size (and maybe electric) engine motorcycle is way more fun to ride (and control). The Cafe is capable of getting into the Ton Up Club but not in second gear. It puts the fun (and sanity) back into canyon riding.
The Bobber: Get your favorite riding partner on the ample seat, tell them to hold tight and cruise to an In-N-Out Burger, A&W or Sonic for a gourmet dinner. The JMC rider needs not be a lone wolf. The bike’s affordability will have friends joining the fun. The Bobber is designed for cruise nights and camaraderie.
Keeping costs low: Transformer kits in different colors (like this red Cafe) can be stocked so the motorcycle shop doesn’t need to tie up money in inventory costs. This equals faster delivery and lower costs for the JMC customer.

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