’65 Honda Scrambler Comes Back To Life

This is a Running When Parked (RWP) that I’ve been watching for a long time. It shows up on Craigslist every few months and has been doing so for years. The asking price ($5,000) might be putting off some riders, but wait, the latest ad is updated. Although it says the bike is a Running When Parked, it contradicts that statement by saying the owner has got the bike running. The $5000 asking price isn’t too far off if you have an emotional attachment to Honda Scramblers and are not looking for an over-the-top restoration. This bike has been on the block for a long time (I figure at least two years), so a reasonable offer might just get this Scrambler into your garage.

The mid-60’s were a great time for motorcyclists. Bikes were inexpensive, easy to work on, easy to ride and the chassis/brakes/horsepower all complimented each other for a great riding and running package.


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